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Model SR-3010 10" Slitter/Rewinder



  • 3" Core Holders with Thru-the-Shaft Air Inflation. These core holders feature 4 full-leafs with 2 fixed and 2 expandable to allow accurate centering of core on rewind shaft.
  • Reversing Switch for opposite rotation on rewind core holder
  • Highly efficient, 1 H.P. Variable Speed D.C. Motor
  • Cutting Station-Accepts rotary shear knives, razor slitting or crush knife cutting
  • Electronic Counter with slowdown and stop counts
  • Automatic Web Clamp at final idler roller - keeps web accurately positioned when machine is not running
  • Adjustable Splice Table
  • Remote Jog Button
  • Tape Dispenser at rewind station
  • Lifting Eye for easy positioning of machine
  • Loose-Roll back up plate at unwind station
  • Compact size requires less floor space
  • No clutches to heat up or repair
  • Heavy duty mainframe
  • Simple to maintain - easy access to internal mechanisms through large swing-out panel
  • Ultra Low Maintenance


  • Dual rewind arbors
  • Electric Web Guide
  • Dust Vacuum System to clean web of dust particles. Includes 2 vacuum heads, manifold, all connectors and ducting, and 1 H.P. high pressure vacuum motor. (Buyer must supply drum)
  • 1", 11/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", 45mm, and 70mm core holders available
  • 2 H.P. Variable Speed D.C. Motor
  • "ET" Electronic Tension
  • Shear - Crush - Razor Setting available
  • End-of-Roll Detector
  • Splice or Flag Detector


  • Inspection Strobe Kit including forward inspection tower
  • Electronic Speed Control Kit (requires factory wiring)
  • Label Counter (requires factory wiring)
  • Rear Tower only is available


Overall Length 84"
Total Width 35"
Height to Top of Tower 66"
Compressed Air Input 100 lbs. max.
Motor Size 1 H.P. Variable Speed D.C.
Max. Roll Diameter at Unwind 30"
Max. Roll Diameter at Lower Rewind 30"
Max. Roll Diameter at Upper Rewind 25"
Machine Weight 1500 lbs.


Close-up views of components of the SR-3010:

Close-up view showing rotary knife station and upper and lower vacuum heads connected to vacuum manifold
Close-up view showing electronic web guide and adjustable splice station


Other Sidewinder Models Available:

Model SR-4013 (13" Slitter/Rewinder)

Model SR-4016 (16" Slitter/Rewinder)

Model SR-4018 (18" Slitter/Rewinder)


*Patent Pending

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